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Book: Land Art by Richard Shilling

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Richard's debut book titled "Land Art" was published on 26th July 2009. Please click on the picture below if you wish to purchase one. Special signed copies are available on request.

"This book depicts the journey of discovery I took into the world of Land Art.

One day I was walking on the local moors and I discovered a mysterious stone sculpture. I had no idea what it was and my enquiries turned up the name Andy Goldsworthy. I bought some of his books and I was absolutely astounded by the beauty and power of his sculptures and photographs. They touched me deeply. From that day I started on a journey of discovery...
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By Richard Shilling


"... I've been avidly checking his pages for new entries over the past six months, never disappointed, and constantly amazed by his creativity and respect for nature, its materials, and the landscape in which he makes his work...Cait Hornby"

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"... I was immediately struck by the delicate beauty of his work, using a whole variety of natural materials such as stone, pebbles, leaves, sticks, ice and snow, leaving me wondering how exactly they had been created...David Waterhouse"

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"... I just got my copy in the mail yesterday and it is AWESOME!...Yakshaver"

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"... This is the kind of book that inspires for life. Using the natural elements in front of him, such as leaves, stones, flowers, ice, snow, moss and berries to name just a few, Richard collaborates with nature and creates works of stunning beauty ...StellasEye"

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"... very special, compliments...Ulyxes"

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