How To Do Land Art



Step 1 Explore...... More>>>

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Land Art is all about exploring. Exploring interesting places, the things you find there, your own creative abilities and just having a whole load of fun.

Building dens, running around the woods, fishing for tadpoles, looking at crabs in rock pools; all these things are what Land art is about.

Land Artists try to learn about nature by making art out of natural things that they find. It's this but that is most important: just being out in nature, experiencing nature, having fun and exploring natural places.

So let your imagination run free. Run around and explore, find hidden and magical places and search out the little creatures that you might find under a log or in a rock pool.

And if you find something you like, something interesting or colourful like a shapely rock or a pretty coloured leaf, then why not use it to make a Land Art sculpture.

Once you have found something interesting then next you need to do some collecting, so go to Step 2!

And if you don't want to make anything, if you'd rather run and explore the woods or the beach, well then that is okay too! Because remember exploring is the most important part of Land Art!