How To Do Land Art


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The next thing to do after you have had an explore is to collect some materials.

If you are at the beach you could collect pebbles, shells, seaweed or anything else you can find.

If you are in the woods you could collect leaves, fir cones, sticks, acorns or conkers.

If you are at the park or in the garden you could collect dandelions, daisies, leaves or anything else you come across.

If you are in the woods look at the trees and the leaves and all the different colours and shapes you may find.

If you are on the beach then look at the colour of the sand, the colours and shapes of the pebbles and the creatures you may find in a rock pool.

If you are in the park or in your garden then look at what is growing there, the animals and creatures that may live there.

Now you've opened your eyes, let's move to step 3!