How To Do Land Art


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There are lots of different ways to make Land Art sculptures.

You could collect things that are all the same colour and make a pattern, or a line or a shape with them.

One of you could lie down on the ground and the rest of your group can draw around you with sticks or pebbles or leaves.

Perhaps you gathered many different colours and you could lay out all those colours on the ground. That way you are showing everyone all the colours that are there in that place, through the sculpture you have made!

Now that is what Land Art is all about!

So you've explored the place you are in, you've collected some materials, you've picked a place to sit, you have studied the things you've gathered and you've decided what you want to make.

There is nothing else for it but to now make your sculpture!

Once you have finished why not take a picture of your sculpture. You could send it to us, tell us what you did and we'll post it here! Or you could show your friends, your teacher, mum and dad or brothers and sisters!

Let's look back at what you've done in step 6!